Friends I’ve never met

I have good friends that I’ve never met. Others whom I meet only every three or four months.

We email each other regularly, exchange writing, get on Skype and talk about our work and our lives.

One of my friends is leading a hard life in San Francisco. Another has survived many bouts of cancer. One lives deep in the countryside, another survives as a translator in New York City. One friend quit his job in an international firm to return to his neighborhood and become a builder. My newest friend lives halfway across the world, in Dubai.

What we all have in common: we’re trying to lead creative lives. We’re writers, designers, painters and builders.

We’ve realized that the standard 9 to 5 won’t leave us the energy or time to fulfill our creative dreams.

Being creative is learning how to live. Or should I say, re-learning how to live, questioning our assumptions to discover what we really need to lead fulfilling lives.

These friends have all saved my life. Literally. I sit at home alone all day, writing. If I’m ever in trouble, creatively or emotionally, I can turn to them.  Collectively, we’ve learned a lot, through trial and error, through taking risks.

If you’re a creative person, or hope to re-structure your life, maybe there is something here for you…


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